Downtown hostel is located in the historic center, 5km away from Praia da Rocha and 9km away from Alvor.

Portimão is a port city in the Algarve region, southern Portugal. It is known for its historic center, lively marina and amazing beaches. The city is divided into three areas, namely the Center, Praia da Rocha and Alvor.


to visit?

Portimão is one of the best Algarve coastal cities with fantastic beaches:

Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is one of the most emblematic beaches in the Algarve with a vast and spacious sandy beach that expands for over 1 km. In the promenade that follows the beach, you will find a huge offer of accommodation, restaurants, terraces, bars, nightclubs and a casino ending at Portimão Marina.


Praia do Alemão

Limited to the west by the rock formation of Ponta de João d'Arens and the source by Praia do Vau, the sandy beach of Praia do Alemão is calm and the surroundings are natural. You can explore the pedestrian path that runs from the top of the cliffs, near Prainha, amidst coastal scrub and a dense green patch of pine forest that contrasts with the blue tones of the sea and the intense colors of the cliffs.


Praia do Vau

Praia do Vau is chosen by families with children for its easy pedestrian access and the safety with which the little ones can play here when the tide is low. The rocky walls of this beach, sculpted by erosion, form nooks that delight the bathers.


Praia dos 3 Irmãos

Três Irmãos Beach is located on a long and wide sandy barrier. Its dunes are home to many species of birds, micro-mammals, reptiles and many insects. In front of the sea you can see delicate plants such as sea hay, sand lucerne or showy sand daffodil.


Praias de Alvor 

In addition to the Blue Flag, it was also honored with the Golden Quality, awards that confirm both the environmental quality of water and infrastructure. It has been refurbished and there is now a network of walkways and paths that give access to the beaches and the jetty. An accessible nature trail allows you to contact the typical habitats of the Ria de Alvor: the dunes, the marshes and the estuary.​

Historic center

Largo da Mó

The “Mó” still present today in this square in downtown Portimão, is the heritage of an old private olive press that existed there - the Mariano Lagar. Crossing point where, at the end of the nineteenth century, pitchers of water were sold, this mill was deactivated in the 70's, and the millstone was acquired by the Municipality and placed in the center of Largo da Mó, a few years later.

Zona Ribeirinha

“Good sardines in bread are eaten in Portimão”. It is practically at the beginning of the long Portimão Riverfront, which is over a kilometer long and can be traveled in a calm 20-minute walk or, in half the time, if the route is by bike.

Museu de Portimão

Housed in the old premises of Feu Canning Factory, the Portimão Museum makes us travel back in time, taking us on a tour of the origins and the most remarkable moments of the city's history, in a dynamic and attractive way. In addition to the permanent exhibition “Portimão, Territory and Identity”, the Portimão Museum presents a diverse cultural program in the temporary exhibition halls and in its auditorium.


Convento de São Francisco

With an enviable view over the city of Portimão, Convento de São Francisco is a 16th-century architectural complex. It was built later in 1541. Currently in Portimão is property of public interest, but is owned by individuals, without access to visitors.


Igreja do Colégio Jesuítas

Located at Praça da República, the austerity and simplicity of the architecture of the Restoration are present inside the Church-Hall. The Jesuit College Church was chosen by the Marquis of Pombal
to set a new Algarve
See in the region of Portimão, a project that did not materialize.


Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes

In this building was born Manuel Teixeira Gomes, noted politician and writer. It portrays a time when the political life of Portimão ran with exaltation. Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, is a space of Culture and Art, heritage of the city of Portimão that evokes the life and work of the one who became President of the national republic. With Exhibition Room, Documentary Background and Virtual Center, here are held gatherings, recitals and exhibitions.



Portimão is a port city in the Algarve region, southern Portugal. It is known for its historic center, lively marina and amazing beaches. The city is divided into three areas, namely the Center, Praia da Rocha and Alvor.



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